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    1. 湖南大學外國語學院


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      籌委會主席:湖南大學特聘教授Chris Sinha,湖南大學外國語學院劉正光教授



      We invite paper submissions for the

      International Symposium on Human Origins and Language Origins

      Hunan University

      18thOctober 2019 – 20thOctober 2019

      Submissions are invited on the evolution of cognition and symbolization, grammar, semantics, speech and gesture, language and brain, social complexity and language, language diversification and human dispersal, and other topics relevant for the theme of the symposium.

      250 word abstracts for25 minute oral presentationsorposter presentationsshould be sent to:languageorigins@163.com

      Deadline for Submissions of Abstracts: 15 September 2019.

      Conference Organizers: Prof. Chris Sinha, Prof. Liu Zhengguang.

      For all other enquiries, please write to:languageorigins@163.com

      Talks by Invited Keynote Speakers 特邀主旨發言人及發言主題

      Michael ARBIB. Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California. Evolving construction, and music and language in particular.

      Francesco D’ERRICO. Professor, University of Bordeaux, Director CNRS. Archaeological evidence for a gradual and multiregional origin of modern cognition and language.

      Peter G?RDENFORS. Professor Emeritus, Lund University. How the evolution of teaching may have influenced the evolution of language.

      Bernd HEINE. Professor Emeritus,University of Cologne and Tania KUTEVA (Professor, Heinrich Heine University).Reconstructing the evolution of grammar: The context extension model and grammaticalization.

      Rukmini Bhaya NAIR.Professor Emerita of Linguistics and English Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Arche-writing: narrative, emotion, embodied environments and empathy.

      Chris SINHA. Distinguished profesor of cognitive science, Hunan University.Praxis, symbol and construal – from protolanguage to language system.

      HOU Yamei and Zhao Lingxia. Research Professors, Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP), Chinese Academy of Sciences.Contributions of recent Chinese paleolithic studies to understanding global human evolution.

       Short Bios 發言人簡介

      Provisional Programme 會議議程

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